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For a long time, cacti have been present in my life, yet when I have spent long periods abroad cacti have been with me. It has been a long process of observation and learning to reach some knowledge about them and take up growing them.
Since the origin of humanity cactus have been present in different civilizations, as an object of cult, as a means to connect with the divinities, as raw material for building houses and defences, as food, drink and medicine and, why not, as the subject of mindfulness meditation.
At cactusspot.com we try to get cactus whose appearance does not deviate from they have in habitat, for this purpose, we use a mineral substrate and respect the winter break of the plants in the greenhouse without heating and irrigation for at least two months.


In this area the winters are temperate and sunny with daytime maximum temperature in the greenhouse that can reach 25ºC or more and a 2ºC night minimum and that even low of 0º some days. Our method of cultivation respects the natural vegetative growth of the cactus with the application of fertilizers and chemical pesticides only in extreme cases, thereby trying to get strong, vigorous plants without forcing their growth and with the similar appearance they present in its habitat, we do not try to get perfect plants. In the beginning, we wanted to grow all those beautiful, rare and stunning and fashionable species, but over time we have been selecting the plants that are best adapted to our methods and concept of culture.
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