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Peniocereus viperinus

Peniocereus viperinus Peniocereus viperinus is a cactus that at first sight does not have a special charm, is more like a bundle of dry twigs during much of the year. However at the beginning of spring, from these seemingly dead branches, are born some spectacular flowers. I have always had a weakness for this plant

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Ariocarpus fissuratus

Ariocarpus fissuratus was described by (George Engelmann) Karl Moritz Schumann and published in Die Natürlichen Pflanzenfamilien 106:[III, 6a] 195, in the year 1894.1 Etymology Ariocarpus: generic that derives from ancient Greek name: = “aria” (an oak type) and “Carpi” = (fruit) because of the similarity of the fruit of the genus in Acorn form. Another

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