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At we are carrying out a small-scale plant reproduction, ensuring a natural culture and healthy plants. We respect the vegetative cycle of the plants to achieve a natural development.

Our method of cultivation respects the natural vegetative growth of the cactus trying to get strong and vigorous plants without forcing their growth and with the similar appearance they present in its habitat, we do not try to get perfect plants.

All our plants have been grown from seeds obtained from artificially propagated plants, our mother plants and from specialized nurseries, thereby guaranteeing the origin of the plants and our commitment to the environment.


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You can choose the category and you will see the available plants sorted by genus in the shop. The plants in the picture are representative, all the plants to be sent will have the size stated in the info tabs. You can choose the plant in the picture in the “special plants” category only.

The size of the plants is quoted in cm and refers to the length (↑) of the stem or its diameter (Ø). Field collector and field number data are from Ralph Martin’s Cacti and Other succulents web page.

You may get further information about how to order plants on the Terms and Conditions page. Our plant list is frequently updated during the season.

Mammillaria senilis


To our UK customers we regret to inform that at this time we cannot offer the necessary phytosanitary certificate. We hope to be able to solve this issue in the coming months until then we cannot send plants to the UK. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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